Table of Contents: Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Costs

Question: What are the shipping costs?

Answer: We offer free shipping in Italy for orders over 69 euros and weighing less than 5 kg. For orders over 69 euros but weighing more than 5 kg, a small additional fee will be charged due to the weight without charging the actual total shipping cost. The actual shipping cost will be displayed during the checkout process. For all other shipments, a fee is applied based on the weight (both actual and volumetric), starting from 7.90 euros. We do not apply additional charges for remote areas in Italy.

Remote/Disadvantaged Areas

Question: Are there any additional charges for Remote Areas (e.g., smaller islands)?

Answer: No, in Italy we do not apply additional charges for any of the remote areas. If you are located on a smaller island or a disadvantaged area, additional time may be required compared to the standard delivery. Please do not take the estimated delivery times into consideration.
For international shipments, however, we are required to calculate additional charges for areas that are considered remote by our couriers. If you place an order from one of these foreign areas, the website may not calculate the correct shipping cost at the moment. We will contact you to request the supplement, and we hope you understand that it is not within our control (you are free to request cancellation of the order, of course). If you live abroad and already know that you are in a disadvantaged area, you can contact us before placing the order to request a shipping quote.

Used Couriers

Question: Which couriers do you use for shipments?

Answer: We choose the courier based on the destination area and the weight of the shipment. Thanks to our extensive experience in sending and receiving tens of thousands of shipments, we know the strengths and weaknesses of each courier and are able to select the best delivery service for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances are always possible, especially in the final stage of delivery. Despite that, we will do everything we can to ensure successful deliveries even in unfortunate cases. To guarantee timely service, we rely exclusively on couriers that have proven to be reliable over time. If you have specific needs or preferences regarding the couriers mentioned below, please write it as a note.

The courier brands we have agreements with are:

brt-dpd-corriere-espresso sda-poste-italiane-corriere-espresso ups-corriere-espresso
tnt-corriere-espresso dhl-corriere-espresso  

Processing and Order Fulfillment Times

Question: What are the processing and order fulfillment times?

Answer: For products immediately available in our warehouse, processing and order fulfillment usually occur within 24 business hours. If the order is completed by 12:00 PM, we will do our best to hand over the package to the courier on the same day. However, if the order contains both immediately available products and products that need to be sourced from the supplier, the order will be fulfilled when all products are ready for shipment. Before the “Add to Cart” button, you will find the label “Shippable in” followed by the order preparation times. This indication will be in green for immediately available products. For products that need to be sourced from the supplier, processing times may vary, and a specific indication will be provided for each product. We strive to minimize waiting times. We understand how important it is to quickly have a replacement, especially if it is needed during a few vacation days. Please note that fulfillment times are calculated from the actual receipt of payment. For bank transfer payments, the times may be extended as it is necessary for the credit to be displayed in the bank. It is important to send us the payment receipt to allow us to start preparing the order, which will then be fulfilled upon credit confirmation.

Shipping Times

Question: What are the shipping times for your couriers?

Answer: We only use express couriers. Normally, express service delivers within 24/48 business hours throughout Italy. Only a few areas still require 72 hours, even with express service. These timeframes are considered normal, excluding the above-mentioned order fulfillment times. Bulky and/or heavy packages may require additional time. 
During the checkout process, you will see an estimated delivery date for Italy. We strive to meet it. Often, we are able to deliver earlier, but our commitment is to not promise anything we cannot keep. We prefer to be cautious, especially when it comes to couriers and operations outside our direct control. We hope you understand our dedication to delivering as quickly as possible. We are enthusiasts too and we understand the urgency and excitement of having a replacement part or accessory, especially when you have a few days off. We work hard to ensure smooth operations and record-breaking delivery times. We let our feedback speak for us.
For international destinations, timing is difficult to estimate. We also use express couriers (DHL, BRT/DPD, UPS, FEDEX) for international shipments. You can contact us with your exact address to get a more accurate delivery estimate. If you are purchasing from abroad, please disregard the estimated delivery date you see during the checkout process. That date is valid only for deliveries within Italy.
For specific requirements, you can write to us in the order notes or email us at 

Shipment Tracking

Question: How can I track my shipment?

Answer: To ensure maximum security in delivery, we only use traceable shipping methods. Once the package leaves our warehouse and is taken over by the courier, we will send an email containing the tracking code for the package. From that moment on, you can access the courier’s systems to check the package’s location and estimated delivery date. However, it is important to note that sometimes tracking information may not be immediately updated by the courier. It may take up to 24 hours for the package’s location information to be displayed. We have systems that notify us of any delivery anomalies, but if you notice delays or issues with tracking, please notify us as soon as possible. This way, we can request explanations from our contacts at the various couriers and intervene promptly to resolve any issues.

Assistance During Shipment

Question: What can I do if I encounter problems during shipment?

Answer: We are here to help! We are available via chat and at the email address to resolve any issues regarding shipments. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur during the delivery process, and we want to assure you that we will do everything possible to assist you. However, it is important to emphasize that couriers are an external element beyond our control, and often issues are attributable to them. Despite that, we are committed to not leaving the customer alone in case of inconveniences. Please contact us promptly to resolve problems such as an incorrect delivery address or similar situations. However, for security and insurance coverage reasons, addresses communicated to us via Paypal, in the case of Paypal Express payments, cannot be modified. We are here to provide you with the best possible support and resolve any issues you may encounter along the shipment’s journey.

Reservation of Control

Question: How should I make a reservation in case of visibly damaged packages?

Answer: In the event that you notice dents, breakage, dents, or other obvious damage to the package during delivery, it is essential to follow the correct procedure. Ask the delivery person to make a specific reservation on the delivery note, indicating in a detailed and precise manner the reason for the reservation. Generic reservations are not sufficient. For example, you can ask the delivery person to write “Accepted with reservation. Damaged package: visible dent in the upper left corner of the box.” It is important to write on the delivery note to indicate that a reservation is being made.

After making the specific reservation, we kindly ask you to take photos of the damaged package as evidence, preferably in the presence of the delivery person. Subsequently, please contact us immediately by sending an email to Provide a detailed description of the damage and attach the photos taken. We will be ready to assist you in handling the situation and resolving the issue in the best possible way.

Lost Packages

Question: What happens if my package is lost?

Answer: Before getting alarmed, especially if the package shows as delivered in the tracking information, we recommend doing some checks. Ask people around you (spouse, neighbors, businesses near your place, doorman, etc.) if someone received the package on your behalf. It may seem absurd, but it has happened several times that the package was delivered to the wrong person in our vicinity who simply forgot to inform us. So, before assuming that the package is actually lost, we encourage you to conduct a thorough search. Carefully verify the delivery address and consult with people who may have received it by mistake.
If, after performing these checks, the package is still deemed lost, please contact us immediately. We will do everything possible to resolve the situation and ensure the proper delivery of your package. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Damaged Packages

Question: What can I do if my package is damaged upon delivery?

Answer: We’re sorry to hear that your package arrived damaged despite our careful packaging. Unfortunately, sometimes packages can suffer mishandling during transportation. We ask you to exercise utmost caution upon delivery. Carefully inspect the exterior of the package, and in the unfortunate event that you notice visible damage, we recommend asking the courier to make a specific reservation on the delivery note. A specific reservation is a written note on the delivery document that accurately describes the type of damage observed on the package. For example, if the box has dents or obvious marks, ask the courier to write a specific reservation such as “Obvious damage on the right side of the box.” This way, the specific reservation will serve as proof of the damage incurred during transportation and facilitate the handling of the claim by us with the courier. Please contact us immediately, providing a precise description of the damage and a photo of the damaged package. We will do everything possible to resolve the situation and provide a satisfactory solution.

Transportation of Fragile Products

Question: How do you handle the transportation of fragile products?

Answer: We take the safety of your fragile products during transportation very seriously. We use protective materials to minimize the risk of damage during transit. However, if you receive a damaged product, please follow the specific reservation procedure described above. Contact us immediately by sending an email to with a description of the damage and photos of the damaged product. We will do everything possible to resolve the situation and provide an appropriate solution.

Deliveries to a Courier Pickup Point

Question: Can I request delivery of my package to a courier pickup point?

Answer: Absolutely! If you wish to receive your package at a courier pickup point instead of your address, simply specify it in the order notes field. Just indicate that you would like to receive the package at a pickup point, and we will select the nearest delivery point to the address provided in the order as the shipping address. This option is suitable for the convenience and flexibility it offers. However, if you have specific requirements or prefer to coordinate the choice of the pickup point via email, please contact us at We will do our best to meet your needs and provide you with a personalized solution.

Changing the Delivery Address

Question: Can I change the delivery address after placing the order?

Answer: We strive to accommodate requests to change the delivery address. However, due to the speed of our shipping procedures, it may not always be possible to make changes to the delivery address once the order has been placed.

Furthermore, it is important to note that if the payment is covered by PayPal’s purchase protection, changing the delivery address is prohibited by their policies and may invalidate any associated insurance coverage. Especially when choosing to pay with PayPal Express (i.e., purchasing without registering on our site), the address is automatically provided to us by PayPal, and we do not have the ability to modify it. Therefore, we recommend exercising caution and ensuring that the address associated with your PayPal account is correct and up to date before placing the order.

If, however, you still wish to make a change to the delivery address, please contact us promptly via email at with your request to modify the address. We will do our best to assist you and verify if the change is still possible without compromising the purchase protection provided by PayPal.

Please understand that the speed of our shipping procedures and PayPal’s policies may limit flexibility in changing the delivery address, but we will do our best to handle your requests in compliance with applicable policies and procedures. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we will seek to find the best solution for you.

International Delivery Times

Question: What are the delivery times for international shipments?

Answer: We ship worldwide without any issues. For international shipments, we use our preferred express services, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, and BRT/DPD. However, delivery times for international shipments can vary significantly due to various factors such as the destination, customs procedures, and weather conditions. It is difficult to provide advance delivery estimates for all geographic areas. If you would like to know the estimated shipping times for a specific destination, please contact us via email at We will need the complete and accurate address in order to provide an accurate estimate, as delivery times can vary even within the same country. We will do our best to provide you with all the necessary information and ensure a reliable and timely delivery service.

Customs Costs for Shipments Outside the European Union

Question: Are there any customs costs to be paid for shipments outside the European Union?

Answer: All our shipments originate from Italy. Within the European Union, as you probably already know, there are no customs costs to be incurred. However, for shipments to countries outside the European Union, the payment of customs duties may be required. As we are a company that ships worldwide, and each country has its own regulations, we cannot estimate customs costs in advance. The designated courier will request the payment of customs duties and any other necessary documentation upon delivery or before the package leaves customs. It is important to be aware that when ordering to countries outside the European Union, customs duties may be imposed by your own country. We are not involved in this process and pay the taxes that apply to us in Italy. We recommend that you inform yourself about the rules and customs costs of your country before placing an international order. If you have any further questions or concerns, we are here to help. Contact us via email at We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

Shipments of Bulky or Heavy Packages

Question: What happens if I need to order a particularly bulky item or one weighing over 30kg?

Answer: We also handle shipments of bulky or heavy packages. However, it may take a few extra days for delivery compared to standard-sized packages. If you see a high shipping cost indicated in your cart for a bulky or heavy package, please contact us via email at We are often able to negotiate a customized offer with the courier to obtain a better price. We will do our best to ensure a convenient and secure shipment. Contact us to discuss the details and provide you with a personalized quote.

Returns and Refunds

Question: How do returns and refunds work at Nautica Basile?

Answer: Our main goal is to help users make informed choices in order to minimize the need for returns. We provide accurate product descriptions and offer personalized support to assist you in selecting the right items. However, it is important to note that many of our descriptions come from our suppliers’ catalogs, and we have a wide selection of products. This means that there may be some descriptions, titles, or features that may be incorrect. If you have any doubts or need further information, please contact us via email at before making a purchase. Our team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information to help you choose the correct product.

In the event that a return is necessary, we will handle the process calmly and in compliance with current regulations. You will find all detailed information about returns and refunds on our dedicated Returns and Refunds page. We are committed to providing a smooth and transparent return procedure, respecting your rights as a consumer. For more information, please visit the specific returns and refunds page on our website.

Saturday and Sunday Delivery

Question: Is it possible to have Saturday or Sunday delivery by paying an additional fee?

Answer: We are sorry, but our contracts with couriers do not allow us to make deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays, even with an additional fee. We would love to offer this service in the future, but it depends on the restrictions imposed by our couriers. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to satisfy you with our express delivery service. However, in very rare cases, mostly related to specific periods of the year, we have observed that some deliveries have been made on holidays due to the heavy workload of the courier.

Delivery Delays

Question: What should I do if my delivery is delayed?

Answer: To minimize this type of problem, over time we have selected the most reliable couriers, rejecting many others. We make great efforts to meet the estimated delivery times, but sometimes unexpected delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control, such as adverse weather conditions or logistical issues. If your delivery experiences significant delays, please contact us via email at We will do our best to resolve the situation and provide you with updated delivery information.

Delivery on Boat or at Port

Question: Do you make deliveries directly on a boat or at a port?

Answer: Yes, we have experience in making direct deliveries on a boat or at a port. However, these deliveries require more organization, especially when it comes to ports where the boat is only in temporary transit. In the shipping address field, you need to indicate the name and surname of the recipient who has signed the berth contract, followed by the name of the boat and “c/o” (care of), and the address of the marina with which you have the contract. For example: Mario Rossi – Boat Name – c/o Marina di Varazze, Via Maestri d’Ascia, 24, 17019 Varazze (SV). Please also provide the phone number of the informed person who will be present at the time of delivery. For further information or to communicate any doubts or special needs, please include the information in the order notes or contact us via email at We will be happy to assist you.

Appointments and Phone Contact Deliveries

Question: Do you offer appointments or deliveries with phone contact?

Answer: Yes, we always provide the courier with the customer’s phone number and request contact before delivery. However, unfortunately, we have to admit that no courier consistently respects this request. The phone number is only used if the customer is not found by the courier or for particularly large deliveries. We constantly strive to ensure that our requests are taken into consideration because we understand how important it is for the customer to be notified in advance. However, we must be honest and clearly state that this request is almost always ignored by couriers. We hope you appreciate our honesty and our determination to continuously improve delivery services for you.

Partial Delivery of Items

Question: I have received only part of the ordered products, what should I do?

Answer: We apologize for the inconvenience if you have received only part of the ordered products. There are several reasons why this may happen, and we will explain what to do in each situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately at

  1. Agreed split shipment: In some cases, due to product availability or logistical needs, we may have agreed to a split shipment with you. This means that your items have been divided into multiple packages and will be delivered separately. Please carefully check the communication we sent you to verify if a partial delivery has been arranged. 
  2. Shipment split into two parcels: In some cases, due to space limitations or other logistical considerations, your shipment may have been split into two parcels. As a result, you may receive one package on one day and the other package on the following day. We advise you to carefully check if a second delivery has been scheduled and review the communications we sent you to confirm if it is a partial delivery situation. 
  3. Our mistake: We sincerely apologize if we made an error in processing your order, and you received only part of the products. Despite our best efforts to minimize mistakes, occasional oversights can occur. In this case, please contact us immediately by sending an email to Resolving the issue will be our top priority, and we will do our best to deliver the missing items as soon as possible.

Package Storage

Question: What happens if my package is in storage at the courier?

Answer: Package storage at the courier occurs when the package cannot be delivered to the recipient for various reasons. Typically, the courier makes at least two delivery attempts before placing the package in storage. However, if the recipient is not present at the delivery address or if the provided address is incorrect or incomplete, the package may end up in storage.

When a package is in storage, the courier leaves a delivery attempt notice with instructions on how to proceed. It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided on the notice. It may be possible to contact the courier directly to schedule a new delivery or to pick up the package at a designated pickup point.

Please note that the courier may apply storage fees to the package recipient. These fees can vary depending on the courier’s policies and specific circumstances. Be sure to carefully read the information provided on the delivery attempt notice or contact the courier directly to inquire about any additional costs.

To avoid package storage, we recommend paying close attention when selecting the delivery address. Make sure to choose an address where someone is available to receive the package or pick it up at a designated pickup point.

If your package is in storage and you need assistance with retrieval, please contact us at Provide the necessary information to track your order and describe the situation. We will do our best to assist you in resolving the storage issue and ensuring the proper delivery of your package.

Recycled Packaging

Question: Do you use recycled packaging?

Answer: Yes, we use recycled packaging. As lovers of the sea, we strive to protect it through small gestures. Our packaging is almost always the result of recycling. It’s not a matter of cost savings; it’s a choice. We understand the importance of branding, and if we only thought with our heads, we would fill your orders with colorful boxes branded with our logo. It would only require a slight increase in the cost of products or shipping to purchase beautiful custom packaging. We know that we could buy boxes made from recycled cardboard (which we sometimes do), but we prefer to recycle directly. Our choice, whenever possible, is to reuse the many boxes we receive both in the company and personally. Don’t be alarmed if you receive a package with a pharmacy logo and Nautica Basile tape; we’re a bit quirky. We pay little attention to aesthetics, focusing instead on the durability of the packaging and the protection of the contents.

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